Video Analytics & Management

Occupancy control: The system helps in controlling parking occupancy by assigning the fixed number of parking bays to every tenant by calculating time & counts of vehicles. This helps in optimizing the parking space & preventing disputes related to it.

LPR/ANPR and Video Management: License plate recognition (LPR)/Automatic Number plate involves capturing of photographic video or images of license plates/number plates and is then processed by a series of algorithms to be converted into a text and is stored in the database. The records in the database are matched with the white-listed and black-listed vehicles and security alerts can be generated for Black-listed and unauthorized (neither specified as Black-Listed or White–Listed) vehicles.

Implant Time Tracking: The feature is to calculate the number of trips made by vehicles owned by specific contractors. It is useful for billing applications and generally used in mining & manufacturing industry.

Parking Space Availability Display: Vehicle Management System supports graphical signage to display real-time updates, in a control-room or at various check points to indicate the number of parking lots available at various zones for optimal utilization of parking areas.

Tamper-proof tags for Vehicle Windshields: IDCUBE’s tamper-proof tags are attached to the vehicle's windshield; the tags can be read from a distance of up to 12 meters for automatic boom barrier control. The tags are electronically clone proof and any attempt of tampering with these tags makes it permanently non-functional.

Industrial RFID tags: These tags are specially designed for a harshest environment such as being prevalent in mining and energy installations.

Scalability & Availability: The system is scalable to any number of checkpoints and parking lots across multiple locations. It allows accurate and high speed access control decisions utilizing ‘IDCUBE’s Intelligent Edge.