Edge Recording: The architecture allows continuous data recording & viewing, even on network disconnection with the Aperture recording server. The edge recorded data automatically transfers to the server as soon as the network connection re-establishes with the camera.

Streaming server: Aperture’s streaming server allows access to live streaming and archive videos from anywhere via web-browser. Some of the major features of the Streaming server are: live viewing, archive playback, Pan-Tilt Zoom control, two-way audio.

Watch DO: The system detects and rectifies particular type of application failures by automatically restarting the VMS services and the server machine if so required.

AD & LDAP: Aperture supports Active Directory groups by exporting users from Active Directory & automatic synchronization for newly created and deleted users.

Advance Health Monitoring: Aperture integrates this feature to equip your facilities with real-time monitoring for servers, devices, channels, user sessions, video walls, external services (LPR, FR) & other processes 24/7.

Multicast & Substream control: Transmits data from servers and cameras to multiple destination devices such as external storage, Video Content Analytics, Mobile, Thin Client, etc.

User Buttons: User buttons are used to manually trigger events. The event can be a door open or door lock command, activation of recording profiles, activation of fire evacuation procedure, notification, etc. 

Recording Options: Aperture allows the user to record video, audio & digital input event stream. It also enables automatic triggering of unlimited recording profiles for a broad range of events

Advance Event and Action Manager: Aperture’s Advance Event & Action manager configures the way, the software reacts to any event caught on a camera. It facilitates the operator to handle not only the single event, but a set of sequence of events simultaneously.
Event & Action Manager Window enables the user to apply schedules, timers, and conditions for the user button related events. 

Aperture Client: Aperture Client connects multiple servers to a single Aperture monitor for viewing. It supports Dual-Streaming with automatic switching mode; Two-way audio; Multiple viewports; Footage sequencing by splitting video. 

Failover Management Server: Aperture VMS configures Automatic & manual failover for recording servers (1-to- many or many-to-1) as well as for the central management server.

Archive Replication: This feature enables a user to make a local recording server as a buffer server. It ensures the availability of critical records at the time of an incident.