Elevator Access Management

Restricted & Free Access Floors: ELEVATE facilitates administrator to create extremely flexible and secure policies, for a flawless elevator access management system by offering controlled access to each floor based on the user’s authority, time slot, reservation and the engagement status of a floor. Administrators may also define floors that can be freely accessed by anyone at any time such as floors comprising of lobby/reception, parking or cafeterias/restaurants.

Access Elevators by Time: Elevate allows access to certain floors for the specific interval of time, for example, a courier person is allowed into the facility to deliver courier to a certain resident or a company, therefore he/she shall have access for only 1 hour.

Elevator Segregation: Elevate centrally configure certain elevators for specific use, for example, housekeeping staff may not use certain elevators meant for hotel guests.It dynamically restricts general use of certain elevators used for specific activities such as transporting archives, transporting in-house patients and doctors in hospitals.

Visitor Connect: Elevate Integrates with ezVISIT (IDCUBE Visitor management Application) to facilitate administrator for providing time-based access to a specific floor via specific elevator to visitors.

Real-time Reports & Dashboards: Elevate has a flexible reporting interface for generating customized reports as per organizational audit and compliance needs. It has Dashboards to impart important information and usage patterns to help in informed decision making for secured usage & timely availability of elevators for important tasks or personnel.

Versatility: Elevate supports any type of credential formats like HID Proximity, iClass, SEOS, Mifare, Desfire, Mobile SIO, Biometrics, PIN pad or any combination. It is easily adaptable to various elevator setups.

Building Management System: Build on Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), the ELEVATE easily integrates with Home Automation, Video Door Phone, CCTV Surveillance and Intrusion System using either relay contacts, ASCII commands or web-services.

Scalability & Availability: The system is scalable to any number of floors and elevators across multiple buildings. It allows an accurate and high speed access control decisions utilizing ‘IDCUBE’s Intelligent Edge Architecture’.